Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My name is Shaniqua

IMG_20170606_113335.jpgHi my name's Shaniqua and I go to Ruapotaka School. I have two brothers, two sisters, one mum and one dad. Their names are Sean, Pearl, Lyzeah, my dad Karlma, my mum Pearl and my baby brother Karlma.
I am good at helping people and making friends. My goal for reading is to move to a higher group. My goal for writing is to write a little more neatly and add some other words in. My goal for maths is to learn my 8,9 and 12 times table. I enjoy playing with my friends, sharing, caring, helping and joining in with people. My challenges are trying to move to a higher group and trying harder to read a little more faster.
This year i am looking forward to the skip off also moving to a higher group and reading more faster.


  1. I really like you profile post Shaniqua. I wonder how old Karlma is?
    Keep up the good work Shaniqua!

  2. Hi Shaniqua keep up the good work.

  3. Love you my daughter hope you enjoy your new blog. Mum

  4. happy birthday hope you have a good day today