Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Museum

 On Wednesday 11th April we went to the museum.  We went by bus there were 7 teachers and 46 students on the bus.We went to the Auckland museum and it took a long bus ride to get there.  The first thing I saw was the big light when I first walked into the museum.  Then we had to sit down and the museum lady told us the instructions.  Then she asked us if we could repeat some of the instructions.  Next room 10 had to stand up and walk up stairs but we had to walk on the left side so that other people can walk up and down the stairs on the right side.  Then when we got up the stairs we had to walk up even more stairs. After we entered a bid hall that had all the soldiers names on the wall that died.  The next thing I saw was one of the famous bull dogs and it had a collar on it. Then we we saw lost of different things like more of the soldiers names, telephones, guns, soldiers, and other things too.
Finally we all went back down stairs and we had to go down more stairs and we went outside and Agueer and Tyresse had to count how many students there were so that we didn't leave anyone behind. Then we all hoped on the bus and then the bus driver drove off. Later on we were all talking on the bus and it was getting to loud so Mrs Misela decided we could play sleeping lions. To play you need to see who can sleep the longest until we got back to school and Mrs Riley said that Sunipa was the window.     

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

5 facts about loofahs

Here are 5 facts you can read about Loofahs.

1.  They are one of the pumpkin,melon, and cucumber family.

2. Loofah vines can grow to nine metres long.

3. Loofahs were used in ancient Egypt and have been cultivated for hundreds of years.

4. The fruit can weigh up to 1.5 kilos each.

5. The stiff fibres have been used as stiffing mattresses,pillows,saddles, and helmets for making slippers and mats.  

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Get To A New Destination

1. Start from the heart.

2. Turn right.                                 

3. Take 10 steps forward.

4. Take 12 steps forward.

5. Turn left.

6. Take 18 steps forward.

7. Turn right.

8. Take five steps forward.

9. Turn left.

10. Then take 15 steps forward.

You have now reached your destination

I have learnt how to make my own map.
I learned how to write simple instructions.

Facts About Nelson Cave Spider

Saturday, 24 March 2018

How To Get To My Favourite Place

My favourite place is my house and I will be telling you how to get to my favourite place. I will start from school to get to my house.

1. When you are at school and it is home time you will need to go outside the front of the school.  The you will need to cross the road and then walk towards the alleyway. 

2. When you get to the alleyway you will need to walk down the alleyway.

3.  When you got to the end of the alleyway you will be on Torino St and then you will have to turn left and start walking until you see the letter box number 38 and next to that house is number 45 that is my house.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Playing With St Kent's

On Monday 19th March room 9 and 10 went to St Kent's. We went there by bus. We got into one line and walked to the sports centre. Next we went inside and inside the sports centre it was huge.

We also went into the basketball court gym. Then we got into four groups, all of the groups went to the back of the school and their field was HUMONGOUS. It was bigger than our field at Ruapotaka School.

We played all kinds of sports my group played 10 passes and another game too but I forgot what we played.

Then we went to other St Kents people to play other games with them. We played only one game with them it was called T ball. Finally when we finished playing games we went back to the basketball court and we sang a song to St Ken'ts and Alamoni said thank you and other things to and then we all walked back to the bus and we went into the bus and the bus driver took us back to school.


How to draw a portrait of yourself

Hi and today I will be telling you how to draw a portrait of yourself. I will say what to did first second third up to seven.

First what you need to do is draw the shape of your head. Then you will need to draw a line from the top to the bottom of the head. Then you will need to draw a line from the side of your head to the other side but make sure the line is half way.

Next you will need to draw another line were the mouth is going to  be from one side of your head to the other side of your head. when you have finished the lines you can draw the eyes were the top line is.

Then when  you finished drawing the eyes then you draw the mouth were the bottom line is. Next you will need to draw the nose how our nose look like. After that you will need to draw the eyebrows and the ears.

Finally you can draw your hair and you are done. If you want you can draw your eyelashes if you want then your portrait will look even more better .