Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Presentation Of Road Safety

On Monday the 30th of April we were learning about Road Safety and we made video's about it. Kate,Winnie,Kymani and Maddy was in my group.

First we planed it then we filmed our self's. It took us a while to make the video because we would make a mistake and then we would have to start all over again.Then we would run out of time and we would not have enough time to do our video. 

Then we decided to say all our parts we were going to do and then we would try and do the video and then we did it.

Finally we asked Miss Misela to edit our video and then a few days later we looked at all the presentations and the videos that other people made too. 

Friday, 11 May 2018

A-Z Singers Around The World

Singers Around The World. A-Z

A:  Agnetha Faltskog
B: Beyonce Knowles
C: Christina Aguilera
D: Donna Summer
E: Emma Bunton
F: Faith Hill
G: Geri Halliwell 
H: Holly Williams 
I: Idina Menzel 
J: Jenifer Lopez 
K: Katy Perry
L: Lisa Marie Presley
M: Miley Cyrus 
N: Nicki Minaj 
O: O'Neal McKnight 
P: Pink Martini

Q: Q Parker
R: Rihanna
S: Selina Gomez 
T: Tinasha
U: U-Mind
V: Vanessa Hudgens
W: Will Gregory
X: Xenia
Y: Yolanda Adams 
Z: Zac Hanson 


Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Plan: Toi Toi People
1. Konzay reading
2. Getting into groups of 6 7 or 8's
3. Sing song
4. Say goodbye

On Monday the 7th of May after handwriting room 9 and 10 went to room 11 and the people from Toi Toi came to our school.  They came because Konzay had published his story in the Toi Toi book and his title was called My Friend Dominic.

Konzay got to read his story to room 9 and 10. When he showed his story to all of us he drew a picture with a person and he was thinking about a house.  When the Toi Toi people came they introduced them self's. 

Then we got into groups and there were a lot of groups and in each group 5 but some peoples groups had 6,7 or even 8 people were in a group in my group there were 8 people and we got to choose witch story we could read.

In my group we mostly read poems and only 2 stories one poem was called Poppy an other was called The Test and we read more too but I forgot the names of the poems. In my group we all decided to read a story and we read one paragraph each. A few minutes later we all had to pack up and sit back in our classes and we sang a song called This Is Me.

Finally the Toi Toi people were saying goodbye to us and then they left and room 9 went back to their class and room 10 went back to their class and did some reading.



Monday, 7 May 2018

My sisters birthday

In my holidays on Saturday 21st of April I went to the pools with my sisters Lyzeah and Pearl. We were there with my mum and my brothers Sean and Karlma. It was Pearls 8th birthday and she felt really happy to be 8 instead of 7.

We ate fish and chips then we had a rest and then Lyzeah, Pearl, Sean and I had a big big swim and it was really fun. We were playing all sorts of games like shark attack, tag, and other games too. We also had some competitions like see who can swim the farthest and see who can hold there breath under water the longest.     

Next we were leaving the pools and we got changed then we were going to the water park Sean,my Mum, Lyzeah and I knew that we were going to the water park.  She thought that we were just going back home to rest but we weren't.  Later on we finally arrived at the water park and she was really really happy. The water park was called Potters Park. Then we all got changed in the changing rooms and when we were finished getting changed we had lots of fun at the water park. 

After that we all wanted to play on the park so we dried ourselves with the towels  then we got changed and we played on the park and at potters park there is a water park and a park it was fun we played on the spinning wheel as well and we also got to go in the big slide and we also made lots of friends there too. We met 4 girls and 2 boys the boys names were Sam and William and the girls names were Jessie,Kaylee,Kaylyn and Lizzy.    

Finally we were all tired of playing so we all went back home to have a feed and we also had ice cream and pop corn.  We had a big rest and we watched my brother Sean play Call of duty. We all had two turns each to play some games then we had some dinner and watched some movies and then we all fell asleep.

I really enjoyed playing at Potters Park and also eating ice cream and popcorn it was all fun and I felt really happy, it was fun and I felt joyful. 


Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Bunch Of Bananas

I will be writing a blog post about A bunch of bananas. I will say were they grow in Samoa, what they taste like and some other things to.

In Samoa bananas grow in plantations and they also grow wild in the bush. I have not tasted bananas that come from Samoa but I have tasted yellow bananas. Did you know that there are red bananas and the skin is red but the inside is golden. There are also banana chips if you have not tasted them or heard of them.

You can also make poi with soft bananas. You can also bake them on hot stones in the umu and it might be yum. There are also ladyfinger bananas too. Ladyfinger bananas are some peoples favourite kind as well. Some people like smooth-skinned bananas. 

For me bananas taste sweet some taste yummy some taste rough and some even taste good. You can also cook green bananas too.